Pictured above: from left - Mick O Donnell, Jacquelene Brotherton and Gary Cahoon

Doherty's Road is a main arterial road through the Laverton North industrial area. As a single lane road, it was adequate for the few industries that established here in the early 1970's. The area now has developed to now have the highest commercial freight density in Australia.

But this road has not been upgraded to facilitate the enormous growth in use. Dohertys Road is now both a traffic bottleneck and dangerous for its users.

The duplication of Dohertys Road which would include the upgrade of the intersections at Hume Road, Cyanamid Street and Cherry Lane would address these concerns. The frequency of accidents at the intersections appears to be increasing.

In many cases these accidents are caused by drivers who have been waiting so long to exit Hume Road, that they take a chance on where they perceive a safe gap in the traffic and enter the crossing.

This often results in multiple vehicle accidents and/or property damage, and sometimes injuries and deaths.


The Laverton North industrial area is a major driver of economic activity in Victoria. It comprises in excess of 2,000 hectares of zoned Industrial Land with the major sectors represented being manufacturing, transport and logistics, food processing and recycling.

Companies with an international and national presence include:

  • Manufacturers/Recyclers
    • Orica
    • Nufarm
    • OneSteel
    • Coogee Energy
    • Pridhams Organic Recycling
    • Toyota Boshuku
    • Alex Fraser Group
    • Norstar
    • Australian Vinyls
    • Visy
    • Claytons Kitchens
  • Food processing
    • Baiada Poultry
    • Sakata Rice Snacks Australia
    • Ballantynes
    • All Over Meats
    • Mrs Crockett's
  • Major distribution facilities owned by
    • Oxford Cold Storage
    • Coles Myer
    • Woolworths
    • K-Mart
    • IGA
    • Fosters
    • Murray Goulburn
    • Bev Chain (Linfox)

There are an estimated 460 businesses operating in the Laverton North Industrial Precinct, offering in excess of 15,000 full time jobs and an additional 15,000 part time and casual employment positions (2008 VicCLUE data).

Industrial developments within the precinct range from 500m2 warehouses and factories accommodating small operations to large logistics sites in excess of 75,000m2. In total the industrial powerhouse at Laverton North offers in excess of 600 hectares of fully constructed commercial and industrial floor-space.

Strategically located close to the Port of Melbourne, the Western Ring Road, the Princes Freeway, Melbourne Airport and the Port of Geelong, the precinct has grown over the past 10 years to be one of the most significant logistics and distribution centres in Australia.

B-Double, Semi-trailer and smaller truck movements within the precinct continue to grow as new developments come to market. Laverton North's capacity to accommodate this growing traffic demand on a 24 hour basis is critical to both its immediate and long term future. Investment in the required road infrastructure for Laverton North to maintain this advantage is critical.

Who are the committee?

WILD has been the representative organisation of the industries of Laverton North for over 30 years. WILD stands for Wyndham Industrial and Liaison Development.

WILD have been campaigning to Fix Dohertys Road for over 2 decades. Committee members have outlined below their reasons for being involved with WILD and the economic impact this issue has on the area and their businesses

From the Chair of the WILD Committee
Mick O'Donnell, Nufarm

During the past decade, business operations in Laverton North have grown enormously and the roads in this area now carry more commercial traffic than any other region in Australia.

Doherty's Road is a major arterial road for this area. It is an old road, designed and constructed more than thirty years ago when Laverton North was mostly empty paddocks. The intersections with Hume Road and Cherry Lane are both dangerous. The long delays affecting vehicles using these intersections generates impatience, which in many cases has ended up in serious accidents, and over time, deaths.

As an industry group, the WILD Committee have been actively campaigning for over a decade to have this road upgraded to overcome both the traffic handling constraints and the safety deficiencies. The state of this road is now a critical issue for the businesses of Laverton North, and we have been seeking the support of the Victorian Government to fund the (already designed) upgrade of Doherty's Road.

Wyndham City, as our local authority, have recognised that this work is now critical for the productivity of businesses in this area, as well as for the safety of all road users on Doherty's Road, and we appreciate having their support in approaching government with what we believe is a very strong case for urgent action.


Garry Cahoon, OneSteel

The Dohertys & Hume road intersection is a nightmare for traffic to negotiate. This is due to the volume of traffic and limited road widths for the vehicles (particulary semi-trailers and B doubles) to negotiate the intersection safely. Motor cars have to guess a safe route to keep out of the way of these larger vehicles when turning at the intersection. It is the most significant safety hazard on the road network in the entire Laverton North Industrial Precinct and is long overdue for correcting.



Jacquelene Brotherton, Oxford Cold Storage

As a member of WILD and of the Laverton North business community, I am greatly concerned about the unsafe condition of Dohertys Road, especially with regard to its intersection with Hume Road. The safety of our employees and the many truck drivers who access our site every day is of paramount importance to us.

Laverton North's full economic potential is a long way from being realised. In 2008, it is estimated that only half of the potential in Laverton North has been realised. And one of the major constraints is the Road network through the area, both from a safety and a capacity perspective.