To improve productivity, sustain
this growing industry precinct and
avoid accidents.

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Latest Campaign News

The Fix Dohertys Road community campaign, has recently received advice from the State Transport Minister, Mr Terry Mulder, the $300,000 will be spent improving the intersection of Dohertys Rd and Fitzgerald Rd. While this is not the primary focus of the campaign, it is welcome news. Hundreds of people have signed the petition and written letters to state government ministers urging improvement along this section of road.


Dohertys Road, Laverton north is one of the major east-west routes in one of the busiest industrial
precincts, with traffic increasing. Each day drivers make dangerous and illegal decisions as they
navigate their way in and out of this growing precinct, namely the Dohertys Road and Hume
intersection as well as Cherry Lane intersection. Dangerous situations are a daily occurrence.

The only way trucks can turn is by going on the wrong side ofthe road, especially when cars pull in
front of the line in Hume Road and they cannot manouvre around the corner. The intersection is almost
impossible to negotiate for trucks without the cooperation of other drivers and their own good driving skills.

Wyndham City Councillor, Glenn Goodfellow said the footage in the DVD provided an accurate representation of the dangers faced by motorists every day on Dohertys Road.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Watch the DVD - An accident happening over and over again

"A day in the life of Dohertys Road"
Wyndham City has released a DVD, urging the Premier to fix Dohertys Road.
A copy of the DVD and a letter has been sent to the Premier, Transport Minister and VicRoads.

  • Traffic flow is 18,500 vehicles per day, which exceeds design capability of a two way road during peak times
People who have to use these roads, including people who work locally and truck drivers, continue to report their fears to their employers as people take their own lives and safety into their hands just to get through the intersection.

Fixing Dohertys Road will address safety issues, improve productivity in the precinct and create safer and easier transport movements for all who use the roads.

For more information please contact:
Mick O’Donnell, WILD Committee