Auditor General calls for action on Transport in the Outer Suburbs

The State Government Auditor General has heavily criticised the lack of investment by the State Government in transport infrastructure in the outer suburbs.
This is particularly relevant to the Fix Doherty's Road campaign as there is a strong focus on the lack of commitment to building arterial roads.

The Mayor of Wyndham City, Cr Heather Marcus described the report as a "breath of fresh air" in terms of "calling it as it is".

The report indicates that there is a backlog of between $965M and $1.373B in funds required to duplicate arterial roads in Wyndham alone. These roads are the responsibility of the State Government and Wyndham City has identified Dohertys Road as being amongst the highest priorities.
The report of the auditor general can be found at

The auditor general has recommended that the State government produce an implementation and funding strategy. Council has supported this recommendation and sought the active involvement of the Premier and Treasury officials.

You can lend your support by writing to state government MPs urging their support for the recommendations of the Auditor General. Contact details for MPs are in the "show your support" part of the website.

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