People are taking their lives into their own hands each day. 
A wide cross section of people use the intersection.
The testimonials below are only a handful of the people who use this road everyday.

The traffic volume on Dohertys Road is close to the traffic capacity of a two lane road and needs to be upgraded now recognising the growth in general traffic, general commercial traffic and the heavy freight vehicles travelling to and from the developing Laverton North employment area.  Currently being close to its traffic capacity, there is a poor level of service as the likelihood of accidents/incidents increases due to less gaps/poor decision making/increased risks/frustration, combined with no ability to bypass the incidents being a single carriageway.  Safety is compromised.


"If this were a workplace a PIN (Provisional Improvement Notice) would be issued by WorkSafe for an OH&S breach in relation to the dangers associated with this intersection"
- Mick O'Donnell, WILD Chair
"This road is not an accident waiting to happen, it is an accident happening over and over again,"
- Kim McAliney, Former Wyndham City Councillor
"Don't they (the Government) realise how dangerous it is?"
- Sally, Receptionist
"It is frightening!"
- Tania, Mother
"I go the long way around via Boundary Road rather than use this intersection."
- Maggie, Manager
"I am too scared to walk across to that café".
- Bel, Clerk
"If they don't fix those corners a truck is going to tip over there".
Emergency Services Member
"I almost rolled the B-Double this morning, can't they do something about that corner?".
- Dave, Truck driver
"I waited 25 minutes and then saw a gap" This was from a young girl who then entered Dohertys Rd from Hume and was involved in an accident with two other cars. Click here to see the results of this decision "There are extremely bad holes that are the source of enormous concern. In fact, the receptionist and I spent some time at Friday lunch time pulling debris from the road and the roadside to avoid further incidents happening."
- Jacquelene Brotheron, Oxford Cold Storage and WILD Committee Member
"When turning right from Hume into Doherty's road I have had a couple of near miss incidents when I am turning, and I have seen some cars nearly collected when quickly turning from the left of my truck. Cars can't see other vehicles coming from the right of my truck. Cars are always cutting down my blind side on Hume road with no respect, or care, they appear to be in a hurry and not travelling very safe."
- K&S Driver Tony (Over 3 years transporting to and from the Mill)

"Travelling toward the mill just before Hume road someone nearly crashed into my car (close call).It's a high risk road. I have had a couple of close calls with trucks as well. You need to be alert to what's happening around you at all times for there are some idiots on the road."
- K&S fleet controller Michael (Working at the mill for nearly 2 years)

"It's a dangerous road because there is poor traffic management. I have seen a lot of near miss incidents and a few crashes during my time travelling to and from the mill. Trucks and cars travelling too fast entering and exiting roads and driveways. Should have been made 2 lanes all the way along, definitely needs some improvements for the amount of traffic that travels on it nowadays. There is no signage warning people of the crossing and I have witnessed trucks & cars going through the red light on a number of occasions. Surprised no one has been killed trying to get across the road."
- K&S Driver & OHS rep Mal (Over 20 years transporting to & from the Mill)
"We need a traffic island at the entry point of the mill to separate cars and trucks; there is a lot of interaction on that stretch of road. I have seen a couple of near miss incidents."
- K&S Subbie (Over 5 years carting to & from the Mill)
"It's a bad road especially the T intersection Hume and Dohertys. It's just an accident waiting to happen. There needs to be a dual lane at the T intersection with traffic lights to control drivers of trucks and cars. There is no control. Everyone appears to be taking a chance getting across the road. No one wants to give way or tries to be courteous nowadays."
- K&S Subbie (Over 9 years carting to & from the Mill)
"I have seen a number of near miss incidents were cars are trying to exit the mill and cannot see past the trucks parked along roadside waiting to enter the mill. There are a number of solutions but they all involve upgrading the road. Fixing one section is not enough for it will affect another part of the road. For the amount of traffic it carries I am surprised it has points that are single lane. I see B-double trucks, laden and un-laden, along with taught-liners being over taken because someone is impatient and has no respect or understanding of trucks and their transport/turning or work area needs."
- K&S OHS advisor Michael (Working at the Mill for 1 year.

For more information please contact:
Mick O’Donnell, WILD Committee