Wyndham City and WILD share a very clear understanding of the vital importance of effective and safe road infrastructure for the businesses and their staff in Laverton North, and we have a commitment to address the problems that exist.

It's time the State Government stepped up to the plate and agreed to fund these improvement works urgently to make Wyndham's roads safer for all motorists.

What is needed for Doherty's Road?

In the short term, we must stop the daily occurrence of drivers having to take their life into their hands as they pass the intersections of Doherty's / Hume Road and Doherty's / Cherry Lane. The completed road design has shown that Hume should have traffic lights, and Cherry Lane should be a roundabout.

The cost of providing these two intersection upgrades is small compared to full duplication. We have continued to be told that Vicroads prefer to do the full duplication rather than split the project into two and do this lesser project. However this continues to give government a bigger funding challenge, and this recurring deferral is now an untenable safety situation.

The Victorian Government must acknowledge the severe safety issues which exist here, and if funding of full duplication is not possible now, to immediately allocate this smaller funding requirement to have these intersection upgrades initiated as a matter of urgency.

As soon as full funding can be provided by the Victorian Government, the duplication of Doherty's Rd between Fitzgeralds Road and Grieve Parade should be completed. The productivity of the Laverton North industrial precinct relies on efficient road connections, and the existing 'goat track' (Doherty's Road) falls a long way short of meeting business needs.

What you can do?

Do you live in the area? Do you travel on this road to and from work? Do you drive heavy vehicles every day on this road? Maybe your family and friends travel on this road?

It doesn’t matter what your association or experiences are YOU CAN help us to Fix Dohertys Road by showing your support to avoid a disaster in waiting and sustain the growing industry in the area. Sign the campaign

For more information please contact:
Mick O’Donnell, WILD Committee